Dawnings Sleeve Art

I recently had the pleasure of working with Louise Quinn from A Band Called Quinn on their latest CD release. The first image here is the final approved design by the band but I thought it might be interesting to see some of the unused concepts too as they’re all pretty different.

The design brief was pretty loose and they were happy to go with whatever I came up with but to get things started I got the band to created a mood board. It featured a lot of geometric images and they were keen to see some cover designs featuring this. I think some of these designs worked pretty well but ultimately the black feather cover was the winner. It's loaded with meaning and has more substance than the geometric imagery.

The feathers cover builds a strong visual connection with the play the music it soundtracks. Titled 'Music is Torture' the play delves into themes with angels, darkness and redemption. The black wings image evokes these ideas to great effect.