The Low Hanging Fruits

I played guitar and sang in bands for most of my twenties and about half of my thirties. I'd like to say with mixed success but in hindsight none of them were really much cop. One of the bands I was in did get played by Alan McGee on Radio 1 but that was pretty much the peak in a musical career that can be best described as deluded and underwhelming. That said, it was lots of fun and once you've been in a band it's hard to shake off.

So after a ten year hiatus (kids and bands aren't a great mix) myself and three friends from school started up the Low Hanging Fruits. It's mostly covers of 90's indie stuff but I couldn't help myself and have sneaked an original song into our set. The name comes from the kind of songs we cover. So that rules out vocal histrionics and complex guitar solos. It's strictly Low Hanging Fruit.

Imagine four middle aged dads shambling through the lesser known hits of weezer, pixies, lemonheads, sonic youth, blur etc. and you've got a pretty close idea to what the band is actually like.  It's great fun to be back playing again with my friends and if you're around Glasgow on the 2nd June come see our debut gig at the Poetry Club. The more you drink the better we sound! Hopefully see you there. 

Tickets are £5 + 90p booking fee. Buy 'em here.

What's also been fun is designing the band logo, gig posters and various other bits and pieces. Here's a brief selection of some of the stuff.